Types of sex toys you probably have never heard before

When you are in a relationship, to give sexual satisfaction to your partner is most important. If you are not satisfied with the sex capacity of your partner, then sex toys are mad for you. We face many situations in life when, due to any reason, we don’t live with our partner. If we are not staying with the partner doesn’t mean we will not have the sex desire. Sex is a common intuition; it can arise anytime and anywhere to see an attractive person. We cannot have sex with everyone to whom we meet.

If we are serious in a relationship, but our partner is not close to us. Sex toys will be an excellent option for such a situation. Many types of sex toys can give you the real satisfaction of sex. When we use sex toys for having sex, we feel we are with real men and women.  If you are women and missing your partner, so don’t miss ore to your partner for the sexual desire, a sex toy is enough to fulfill your desire for sex.

Type of sex toys:

There are lots of sex toys that can give you the intimate experience as your partners can provide. When we are single, it is challenging to overcome sex desire. If you don’t have the partner or partner is far away from you, then you can use the sex toys for extinguishing physical desire. There are variations in the sex toys form the men and women as well. Many women complain that their partners are not able to hit the orgasm high, so they don’t get deep sexual satisfaction. You can choose one of the toys for your sex purpose.


1.A wand vibrator

A wand vibrator is made of silicone; silicone is a material which uses to make the sex toys. It is a qualitative material; toys made by this material resemble a real human. The silicone head of the wand vibrator is hygienic more than the CyberSkin head. When you use this silicone head, it provides you the instant sexual satisfaction for which you have desired. There are two additional intensities along with the toy for giving the real enjoyment of the sex.


2. Njoy’s pure wand

It is in the shape of a curve and very useful in sexual activity. Once you use this massager, the benefits of using it would be unbelievable. We buy sex toys for getting sexual satisfaction, and this toy is fantastic doing this. Women should know the method to use the toys.


3. Dildos

For women, it is imperative to touch the highest level of sexual pleasure. Dildos are a great device that is made for completing the sex desire. A dildo resembles a real penis; a woman gets the real enjoy by using the dildos. The size of the penis is vital to satisfy the women; you can choose any size of the dildos. Many women feel unsatisfactory with the penis of their partner, but this partner cannot do anything. The length and breadth of the man’s penis are natural, so a woman can buy a dildo that could complete her sexual desire.


4. Butt plugs

Many women use these plugs to get sexual pleasure. If you don’t know the right way to use the butt plugs, then say to your partner. Tell him to wash his hand and start fingering to stimulate your behavior and then say to insert the butt plugs inside. When you insert the toys, then you will feel enormous pleasure, which will be unforgettable.


5. Nipple clamps

If you are a woman and going to use the nipple clamps. You need to know it hurts a little bit. But it gives an immense pleasure. Many women say that these clamps hurt our nips, but the satisfaction we get is superb. If you are using these clamps, don’t leave them for a long time. It makes the flow of blood in your nipple and provides you excitement, but to leave the clams for much time is not suitable for your health. There are many features in the nipple clamps. We can adjust the pressure, as well as vibrating to the nipple clamps.


6. Handcuffs

Handcuffs have no direct role in sexual activity. People use the cuffs to show some beautiful control over the partner. Partner also likes this process of little bit controlling while having sex. People use these sex toys as a mental turn-on. Male feels that now they can enjoy more if the hand of the female is tied with the handcuffs and female love this process of control.


7. Massagers

The only thing which a woman wants during sex activity is to hit the orgasm. If a partner is not able to give her the feeling of most pleasure, she feels disappointed. Only, for this reason, you cannot search for another partner; if you find other partners, there is no surety he will give you desired satisfaction. Maybe your partner is providing the best, but your expectation is much. For this type of problem, you have a solution that is massager. When you use the massager, it starts vibrating and stimulates your most sensitive part. Insert the massager into the vagina and start it will take you on the orgasm of the sex.


8. Anal beads

These are different from the butt plugs, but you can feel a similar pleasure while using them. The satisfaction level of the anal beads is fantastic. It gives you joy at every point when it goes inside the vagina. There are more beads small to large on this device when a large part comes in; it provides instant satisfaction.



These all the sex toys are fantastic in providing sexual gratification. You can buy the toys according to the features. It is the safest way to enjoy sex without a partner by using sex toys.  Buy the sex toys which you think will be suitable for you and don’t feel alone in the sex journey.

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