Once you’ve accomplished how to provide a woman a nipple orgasm, you’ll have one more means on your arsenal for helping her climax. You can check out below for a list of resources.


A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Breast Sex – You know. It starts with a “t” and ends with an “itty-f*cking.”
How to Have a Nipple Orgasm: 23 Tips for You and Your Partner – A guide to having a nipple orgasm.
Give Her A Breast Massage – Want to give here an orgasm? Try massaging her breasts.
Have Fun with Your Breasts During Sex – Cuddle with them, tease them, and get your girls in on the action.


The Pleasure Mechanics Handbook on How to Touch Breasts for Maximum Pleasure by Pleasure Mechanics

This handbook guides you in how to use your hands and mouth to stimulate your lover’s breasts as part of foreplay, oral sex, intercourse, or as part of a sensual massage.

Learn how to pleasure female breasts and nipples with your hands and mouth, how to communicate for more pleasure and how to overcome common roadblocks. You’ll discover how to finally make breast play an arousing part of your sex life.

Woman Breast Orgasm: How to Give Woman a Breast Orgasm by Tatum Spence

So you want to know how to touch a woman’s breasts? Several weeks ago I put together an book called How to Touch a Woman that I thought would have covered this topic. Apparently I was wrong as I have had almost 700 requests for a follow-up book addressing women’s breasts specifically. I have included a Heidi Klum video where she discusses the topic for entertainment purposes.

Tantric Orgasm for Women by Diana Richarson

Reevaluates the role of the clitoris, breasts, and vagina in achieving orgasm.