Pet play: Kitten play

One could argue that we’ve come a long way in terms of our sexualities. However, some things remain as popular as they were throughout history. Dressing up in a catsuit and role-playing as a kinky kitten sums up female eroticism, regardless of whether you enjoy being a dominant or submissive partner. So let’s explore the world of pet play, in particular, the kitten play community.

Kitten play: What is it?

Namely, kitten play is a category of animal/pet role-playing. It works as a dom/sub relationship where the dominant partner is the handler, and the other one is the kitten. The whole point is for the sub to get into the headspace of the animal, playing the role not just by looking like a cat, but also by acting like one.

To make kitten play work, people use accessories and sex toys, such as anal tail plugs, collars, bowls, masks, fluffy ears, and many more. Although there are many myths about pet play, there are no real animals involved. It’s all about humans acting like feline creatures, with all their mannerisms and personality traits.

Kitten space: What is it?

Since we’ve mentioned animal headspace, it’s only fair to explain what it is. In essence, kitten space is the headspace of a role-playing kinkster. This concept refers to their “happy space” — not worrying about anything but chasing balls and sunbathing. It also involves being lazy in your cat bed and snuggling next to your handler, requesting scratches and petting.

Know their traits

You don’t need to be into cosplay or any other fetish to understand why humans associate sex appeal with cats. It’s not uncommon to see ordinary girls walking around Halloween parties in sexy cat-like costumes. The whole idea goes back to European folklore, where witches would usually have cats as pets. Moreover, most people nowadays think of witches as female tricksters that seduce naive men.

Although it sounds sexist, it’s common for us to think of men as dogs and women as cats. It’s that old “girls are from Venus and boys from Mars” thing. Cats are smart, slick, and elegant; hence, role-playing should incorporate that. Of course, this doesn’t stop men from being kittens. It’s just that you need to understand the traits we associate with cats to make the whole thing work as it should.

Do I need to be sexual?

Although most people consider fetishes to be purely about sex, kittens and their handlers don’t need to have intercourse for their role-playing to work. Moreover, some kitten players don’t even want it. Their idea is to act like real animals and owners, so they skip penetration or any other sexual act.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be hugs or caressing. It’s just that you don’t have to make it sexual in any way. In the end, the entire deed depends on you and your partner. You can even enjoy it by yourself, without having an owner by your side to train and treat you like their loving pet.

What role is the kitten in the relationship?

As you surely know, not all cats are the same. They can be domesticated, feral, or stray, and it all depends on your mood. Hence, you could be snugly one day and wild the other. Either way, you’re a pet, and you act like pets do. Roleplaying as a kitten is liberating in so many ways as it doesn’t require you to go by traditional and accepted social norms we use in everyday life. Whatever role you choose, there will be a form of power exchange between you and your partner.

Kitten play gear

The gear is super cool but not necessary. Nevertheless, if you do enjoy dressing up, you can purchase kitten tail butt plugs, masks, ears, collars, and many other types of gear that will make you look like the real deal. And no, these aren’t your standard Halloween costumes and props — they are high-end products that make the whole role-playing more immersive and fun to fool around with.

We should point out that knee pads are essential. Since you’re going to act like a real cat, you’re going to be on all fours most of the time. Unfortunately, our bodies don’t work like theirs, so you might end up with sore knees. This is why we suggest that you immediately buy some, even before tail plugs and cat ears. It might seem unnecessary at first, but you’ll soon see why we emphasize their importance so much.

There are multiple tail plugs available for purchase in online stores. These sex devices have the design to make your sexual experience more adventurous. In addition, your kitten play experience would be a lot more enjoyable if you wore the appropriate accessories.

Things you can do

The entire idea of kitten space is personal. Therefore, it falls on an individual person to figure out what they consider their happy place. It might be playing with a toy, chasing around the house, or anything else that triggers you to act like a real cat. In case you’re wondering what most people associate with kitten space, here are some things:

  • Sunbathing
  • Playing with toys
  • Chasing lasers
  • Napping
  • Enjoying kitten gear
  • Drinking milk

How do I convince my Partner to try kitten play?

Kinky ideas and fetishes always sound great on paper. However, when the time comes to introduce them to your partner, things tend to be more tricky. Namely, numerous things can affect the idea of bringing something new like kitten play to a lasting relationship. They range from personal insecurities to your partner’s doubts. Hence, you need to take things slowly if you’re looking to present pet play to someone.

Communication is the pillar of every successful relationship. Sharing your ideas and thoughts is essential. When it comes to kitten play, telling your partner about your fantasies is the only way to go. Start talking about it without putting any kind of pressure on them. If they’re willing to try it out, you shouldn’t go all-out from the get-go. You should rather start slowly with some simple stuff that will pave the way for more serious types of this animal fetish.