How to use Sex toys in Public

In this article, we will explain how to choose the right sex toy for simultaneous use by a man and a woman. What to look for and what mistakes to avoid. Let’s compare the existing models and tell about their features. Let us justify why the intimate life between a man and a woman can be filled with a more vivid and colorful result, like the existing urethral sound promoted by movements all around the globe.

Today, one of the most popular customer requests is a sex toy that can be used in the process of mutual sex with a partner. In principle, any vibrator, butt plug or masturbator can be used together. But only some models allow simultaneously to stimulate male and female genitals. Such an impact allows you to enhance sensations during intercourse and complete it with enhanced orgasm. Based on these trends – manufacturers have developed special, anatomical toys for two. The most popular type of toys of this kind is the so-called “bracket”. The outer part of which is located on the clitoris of the woman, and the inner tight to the front wall of the vagina. In this case, the toy does not interfere with the entrance of the partner, but rather enhances its stimulation. To feel the sensation all over the day you need to choose the best sex toys you can use in public, like the appropriate butt plugs for New York streets. So read on and brave yourself into using butt plugs outside.

However, with all the advantages, the toy had a significant drawback – due to the difference in human anatomy, such a toy was not suitable for everyone. The brand collected user reviews and with each new model made the toy more versatile and flexible. The management of the toy was also gradually improved. Now one of the most popular and versatile models for two is the we-vibe Sync.

  • Able to take the form of the body, adapting to the anatomy of a particular user;
  • Control both on the toy itself and from the remote control (included);
  • Management through the application on the phone: This makes it possible to control the toy at any distance from each other and activates more stimulation modes;
  • Water tightness, since it is charged with magnets;

Medical silicone

Sync is the undisputed leader and of course, is the best vibrator for two partners in all characteristics. But the only significant disadvantage is its price. She is very tall! Not every young family is willing to pay from 12,000 dollars to buy such a toy. Recently, many analogues have appeared on the market, which is much cheaper in price. Some manufacturers have borrowed the idea of sharing sexual pleasure for men and women. However, not all similar toys are successful and just as well perform their functionality.

For example, the restart brand has a pretty good model – Enjoy Life. This toy is of the same shape, but its outer part is much larger and covers not only the clitoris but also most of the vulva. On the sides, there are 2 more small processes that can further stimulate the entrance to the vagina. In general, the device performs its functions and does not fall out during frictional movements. Control on the toy itself and using the remote control. The We-vibe is larger, and the vibration is not as intense.

Another good analogue is the Partner from the Satisfier brand. There are several models: the simplest and smallest with vibration only in the clitoral process Partner -1, Partner-Whale with double vibration and vaginal part with relief, Partner Plus also has double vibration, but the vaginal part is smooth and larger, Partner Plus R is exactly the same as Partner-Plus with a remote control only. The rest of the models are controlled only on the toy itself. Another toy of this brand is a “hybrid” of the Satisfier vacuum stimulator and the pair vibrator – Satisfier 4 Couples. Sex store also presents other similar products of different prices and their functionality.

How to choose a toy for a couple?

The main thing you need to be guided by when choosing a pair of toys is your anatomical features:

  • For example, if your partner has a member more than the average, it is better to choose a model with a small vaginal part without vibration in it.
  • If you like the feeling of maximum fullness – it is better to choose a larger device – for example, Enjoy Life;
  • If the clitoris is high enough from the entrance to the vagina, you should take a closer look at the Partner-Plus model, it has rather long processes.
  • If the clitoris is close to the entrance, pay attention to Satisfier 4 Couples.
  • If it’s important that the toy does not slip out in any position and the vibration is as intense as possible, then we should stay at the we-vibe Sync. It is also best suited for those who are looking for a multifunctional toy, which can be carried in it while driving from the phone, used away from a loved one, or for playing in the shower or bath.

Effects on Women:

  • Clitoral stimulation;
  • Stimulation of the G point;
  • Feeling of fullness;
  • Pleasant vibrations;
  • Control of intercourse.

Effects on Men:

  • Stimulation of the penis;
  • Stimulation of the glands penis;
  • Feeling of narrowness of the vagina;
  • Control of intercourse.

In conclusion, it should be noted that sex products that are used simultaneously by a man and a woman are simply necessary. They allow you to combine sexual intercourse and deliver sexual discharge orgasm to both partners! As a result, lack of clarity disappears in sexual relations, and this has a beneficial effect on the harmony of everyday relationships and strengthens the family.

Strap-on for sex

To feel you in a different role, to experience the emotions and tumult of feelings experienced by a partner during hot hugs and intricate intimate games – many people think about this. Many beautiful ladies would like to be in an active male position, and men – in every sense to surrender to his beloved, obediently fulfilling her wishes.

Strap on for sex will help make the dream a reality. This is a wonderful toy that does not just diversify bed fun, but opens up new horizons of sexual relations. The toy imitates a man’s penis in an erect state than it resembles an ordinary dildo. What makes it special is something else – the accessory is securely fixed on the body due to the special design. Most often this is achieved through a kind of harness – the strap system fits tightly over the hips, like exotic lingerie, and the phallus is attached to it directly.

Popular models of strap-on for sex

Silicone-free strap-on- in this case, the base of the toy is inserted into the woman’s vagina and held by the vagina muscles. Due to the design features, it does not cause any problems. The holder is curved and as comfortable as possible for fixing inside the body.

And some models really look like panties, with the only difference being that they leave free access to the vagina and anus. The most common is removable – to facilitate the care of the product. There are solutions that include the installation of nozzles of various lengths and diameters. A simple, reliable system allows a woman to feel confident in a male role. Some models have the function of vibration, which definitely adds thrill to both partners. The frictions are complemented by new, very rich experiences that are difficult to achieve in a different way.

Strap-on for sex: changing roles

It is perfect not only for exchanging roles, although one is incredibly exciting and incredibly pleasant. With this toy, a woman has the opportunity to take an active position in sex with another woman, which many ladies secretly dream of. There is no need to talk about opportunities for group sex; everything here is limited only by the imagination of the participants.

A man can also wear a strap-on – you just need to choose the right model. The couple will have an excellent opportunity to combine vaginal and anal sex through double penetration. Simultaneous frictions deliver indescribable enjoyment to both partners.

Many nozzles are very realistic and little distinguishable by touch from the “live” sexual organ. This became possible thanks to modern materials such as ABS plastic, medical silicone or cyber skin. At the same time, the products are absolutely safe for health and unpretentious in care. Experiment with rhythm, depth and shape; discover new facets of sexual play! Be sure to try to buy a strap on for sex yourself. Find out for yourself what a true temptation is!