Different Types of Ben Wa Balls That Every Woman Should Know

Ben Wa balls are among the most popular sextoys. They come in the form of one or two balls can be used as a couple or for a solo pleasure and have two roles: improve the tone of your perineum and give you pleasure.

How to choose Ben Wa balls, how to use them, what their effects are surely questions you ask yourself especially if it is your first purchase of Ben Wa balls. What can you do with Ben Wa Balls? Experts will answer in this comprehensive guide dedicated to Ben Wa balls and their uses.

Ben Wa balls: the best offers of the moment

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Ben Wa balls: when the border between pleasure and health fades

Ben Wa balls are sex toys used for decades by women seeking new sensations for pleasure alone or with two. But you should also know that they are recommended to rehabilitate your perineum.

A tonic perinea you will avoid problems of incontinence but a perinea perineum, it is also more pleasure for you and your partner during a sexual relation. The frontier between pleasure and health fades. Here are some explanations that will allow you to see more clearly!

Ben Wa balls for the quest for pleasure

Ben Wa balls are very popular for the pleasure it provides. The first pleasure is when you introduce them into your vagina. Once in place, they will take volume in your vagina causing chills very pleasant. When you move, you will increase the sensations of pleasure. Some models are vibrant and you will not have to move to feel pleasure.

Ben Wa balls for the rehabilitation of the perineum

Ben Wa balls are not just sex toys and can be recommended by doctors, especially midwives to strengthen your perineum after childbirth. When you give birth, the muscles of the perineum have been solicited greatly, they tend to relax. This can cause pain during intercourse but it can also cause difficulty in having an orgasm. The balls of Ben Wa will allow toning the perineum to find a sex life correct.

How it works?

In the case of use to tone the perineum, you will automatically want to hold the Ben Wa balls when they are inserted into your vagina and for this, you will automatically contract the muscles of the perineum.

The repetitions of the contractions that you are going to do will allow the muscles of your perineum to develop.

See the effectiveness of this object in this Huffingtonpost article.

Comparative: Our Selection of Ben Wa Balls

You do not know which Ben Wa balls to choose? This is your first purchase and you need a boost? Here is our selection of the best Ben Wa balls!

These Ben Wa balls are a blazing success and are the best selling on many online sites. They are recommended to those who want to strengthen their perineum and have a fulfilling sex life. For new sensations, they are medical silicone, pleasant to the touch and hypoallergenic. The use of a water-based lubricant is recommended to insert these balls Ben Wa more easily.

Delivered in a box, these balls of Ben Wa are of very good quality, weigh 0, 16 kg and have a diameter of 3, 2 cm. To strengthen your perineum or to discover new sensations, it is a no-fault for these balls Ben Wa whose reputation is second to none.

Louviva Balls of Ben Wa

Louviva is a well-known brand in the area of ??sex toys and especially vibrant eggs. But today the brand offers us a box consisting of 3 balls of Ben Wa of different colors and different weights (the rose weighs 31 g, the purple 43 g and the black 50 g), a duo tie and a mono clip. You will be able to use two balls or a ball according to your preferences.

An explanatory manual comes with this box and a small bag to store them discreetly. Their diameter is 3.3 cm which corresponds to the standard size of Ben Wa balls. To make you happy, to strengthen your perineum or both, these balls of Ben Wa Louviva are in medical grade silicone, pleasant to the touch, easy to use as to clean. The Louviva Ben Wa balls are a safe bet!

Balls of Ben Wa Svakom

For beginners, this box is simply ultra practical. It is indeed composed not of one but of 3 balls of Ben Wa. This allows beginners to start little by little, to take the time to know which she prefers etc.

The single Ben Wa ball has a diameter of 3.6 cm and a weight of 49 g. The two smallest Ben Wa balls have a diameter of 32 cm for a weight of 75 g while the largest have a diameter of 28 cm but a weight of 95 g. For more intense pleasures or just to strengthen your perineum, these balls of Ben Wa are in silicone and of an exceptional quality.

Ben Wa balls Lelo Luna

These Lelo Luna Ben Wa balls are available in 2 sizes: classic or mini. The latter weigh 28 grams against 37 grams for others. You will receive them in a discreet box. A satin bag allows you to store it discreetly. A notice clearly explains you how to insert them, whether for a moment of pleasure or to strengthen your perineum. Very high quality, they are effective, pleasant, and powerful and are Ben Wa balls very popular with those who seek quality above all.

The different balls of Ben Wa

The Ben Wa balls come in several different models, especially in terms of shapes, with or without cord or even vibrating. To help you in your choice, here are the main Ben Wa balls:

With a single ball

There are models that only have one ball. In this case, the balls of Ben Wa which are lighter will be recommended to women who prefer the bodybuilding of their perineum to their pleasure.

Double Ben Wa balls

Double Ben Wa balls are much more elaborate and therefore have several roles. They will allow you to strengthen your perineum but they will also bring you greater sexual pleasure. When you move, they will clash for more fun and chills. They will keep you energized all the time you wear them.

Ben Wa balls with wire

These are the most common models. The Ben Wa balls are connected together so that they do not come off. They are connected to a wire or a cord which allows you to remove them very easily.

Wireless Ben Wa balls

They are very rare but exist. Experts advise those of you who have experience with Ben Wa balls. Experts therefore advise you to buy them if you start because the perineum must be already muscular so that the withdrawal of Ben Wa balls is easier. If you do not consider these tips, it can happen that your moment of pleasure turns into a nightmare and you end up in the hospital. If you decide to buy one, you can find many varieties of ben wa balls here.

Vibrating Ben Wa balls

Ben Wa balls are also accessories including new technologies. Vibrating models can be ordered via your smartphone! For simpler use, they come with a remote control. You will only have to choose the mode of vibration that you wish and to let you go to a pure moment of pleasure. You will also be able to opt for continuous or intermittent vibrations depending on what you prefer. So you will decide everything to the ultimate pleasure!