A Closer Look To Yoni Egg’s Beauty

The name arouses interest, the form looks mysterious, but the advertising photos make one or the other shy away. Completely wrongly, because love balls, sometimes called joy balls, vaginal balls, lust balls, yoni eggs or geisha balls, serve primarily to strengthen the pelvic floor and are used in urinary incontinence, bladder weakness or even weak orgasm .

The structure of classic love balls is explained quite quickly: two larger hollow balls made of skin-friendly material each carry a heavy steel ball in the interior which provide movement by vibration. The balls are connected to each other and have a return strap or a loop to be easily removed again.

How does love balls work?

In most love balls hide smaller steel balls , which by their own weight and the movements (walking, running, etc.) bounce against the inside of the pleasure balls and thus impart an impulse to the surrounding muscles. This tenses and strengthens itself by itself. Standing up, the Yoni eggs, driven by gravity, try to escape the vagina, which the pubococcygeus (PC muscle) muscle of the pelvic floor tries to prevent by tension.

Use love balls properly

The pleasure balls can be used daily. Already 15 minutes of training per day can be enough to strengthen your PC muscle! In order not to require the pelvic floor too much lighter balls should be preferred for weak pelvic floor muscles. In the extreme case, an unpleasant sore muscle is the result. For the yoni egg science this is the best deal now.

Insert love balls correctly

Here you can proceed as when inserting a tampon: An elevated leg when they are introduced standing (preferably supported on a chair) or at will also sitting, lying or squatting. You should always stay relaxed to make the insertion as comfortable as possible. If you want, you can also use a little water-based lubricant.

The love balls should be introduced so far until only the protrudes. In addition, they should sit so low that they are not uncomfortable when sitting or standing. You can feel them, because this is usually only the weight of the balls which stimulates the PC muscle.

What are the differences and what should be considered?


The first love balls were made of metal or wood and originally came from Japan. Today, silicone is preferred. Silicone is hygienically cleanable, feels pleasant and above all not too cool, is mostly harmless to the human body and has only a low weight.

The choice of materials, however, is virtually unlimited. Thanks to their light weight, silicone balls are particularly suitable for beginners with weak pelvic floor muscles. If another material is desired, it should be tested for the above properties.

Construction and shape

The love balls consist, as the name suggests, of mostly two balls. In one of these balls (or sometimes in both) there is a small weight which transmits the impulses of the physical movement to the surrounding tissue. Meanwhile there are love balls with vibration function in the trade. As a result, these specimens can trigger an effect even when sitting or lying down.


The most important thing about love balls is the weight. Its function is actually similar to that of a dumbbell, as the pelvic floor must counteract gravity. An adequate weight should be able to be walked or stopped without effort for a few minutes. After about two weeks training from once to twice daily 15 minutes, you can switch to the next weight class. To facilitate the transfer there are already special training sets that contain vaginal cones (the medical term) with different weights.


Regardless of the material or appearance, a good cleaning is always appropriate! Because not only for embryos, the uterus is an excellent place to grow up, but also bacteria and other germs love this humid-warm environment. To prevent colonization with foreign germs, the balls should be thoroughly cleaned after use with warm water and soap. If there is already a vaginal infection, disinfection may be advisable. Some manufacturers offer special agents that do not attack the material used and do no harm to the female genital area.

For more information on which egg to choose, see this article talking about safe crystals for you.

Where can you buy love balls?

Most think they are only available in stores like amorally or EIS, which also specialize in erotica. But don’t limit yourself with that! Because you can see many varieties of yoni eggs with better quality online.

The right application

By using love balls, most women save the equally effective, but somewhat time-consuming recovery gymnastics. With the Yoni eggs you can easily and comfortably train at home or even on the go without having to change your clothes or go somewhere to do a workout. If you still feel like doing some exercise, you can do a little pelvic floor training at home with a few yoga or Pilates exercises.

The main advantages at a glance:

  • The sensitivity during sex is increased (which has a positive effect on pleasure)
  • The orgasm of women becomes more intense
  • very easy and fast training
  • The pelvic floor muscles are strengthened again – especially after a birth or surgery very advisable
  • Through the strengthened pelvic floor incontinence or bladder weakness are reduced or stopped.
  • Menstrual cramps can be alleviated

Construction and types of love balls

In general, the Yoni eggs consist of two hollow plastic balls. These are each a small, heavy metal ball. When loosening or running, it starts to move and causes the plastic skimmer to vibrate. Normally, you will receive a ball duo connected by an elastic band. To facilitate the removal of the toys, they have a return strap. For high quality models, the tapes have an elastomeric coating to ensure hygiene.

As a training device or sensual sex toy – the materials of the balls aim at maximum hygiene and good feel. Therefore, they are mainly made of silicone or high quality plastic. Experienced women use yoni eggs made of lightweight metal or glass. Already their name reveals that they have a round shape. You also buy drop-shaped or oval models that make insertion easier. In addition, the sensual geisha balls differ in structure and size. Average products have a diameter of four centimeters. Into the vagina imported love balls are not audible to other persons.

In general, the balls do not differ in a Yoni egg duo. Nevertheless, there are sex toys that consist of a big and a small Keller. Use the vaginal cones as a training device, is a smooth structure. In order to create pleasurable charms during lovemaking, the models, also known as love beads, have a ribbed surface. In addition, embossed patterns or razzing hooks, which visually enhance the balls, also have a stimulating effect.