7 Naughty Candy Ideas For Spicy Parties Or Erotic Gifts

Want something for a special day (or a regular one) that says more than, “I bought this at the local gas station”?


If your partner is kinky, or at least has a sense of humor, go for some naughty candy! They are also great for bachelor/ette parties.


What’s out there?




I found most of these were candy or gummy underwear and bras.


There WERE a few nipple tassels, which would be super fun for a burlesque-themed party.


However, I have one issue with the panties. Unless you have a very clean backside, no one’s gonna be eating the ones sitting in the ass crack.


I also spotted some yummy handcuffs, garter belts, and cock rings.




Remember those Valentine’s Day heart candies with luvy-duvy phrases like “Be Mine” or “I Love You”?


Forget ‘em.


Besides, they tast like chalk.


Most bachelorette party supply stores will carry the X-rated version with plenty of sexy, dirty, or fun messages.



3. Mm-mmm MOLDS


For those with some kitchen competency, there are candy and cake molds (even cookie cutters).


Although 95% of them are penis, vagina, or boob shaped, there are others that break the mold – things like lips, sperm, ripped muscle men, butts, or more vanilla chorus girls.


The most creative one I’ve come across was the “bunny holding a penis”.


Make it extra adult by adding liquor. Check out Bake it with Booze or one of the thousand alcohol infused chocolate recipes out there.





Dear god the flavors! Name it and you can probably find a penis in it.


Besides the standard peppermint and fruit choices, there is mojito, pina colada, pizza, sour lemon, flaming hot cheese, and weed.


The next time someone asks for a mint, drop a little pecker prize in their hand.





Go Picasso on your partner’s ass with either chocolate or fruit flavors.


Most will come in paint-pot and brush form, but there are a couple “pen” options out there (often labeled as “play pens”).


“Body dust” is also a thing, and advertised as something for bachelorettes/bachelors to wear on their night out (I would be worried about how sticky things would get with sweat, dancing, and extended wear though.)





There’s no need to add “in bed” to the end of these fortunes. Each one comes with a mild to raunchy message you can giggle at with your friends.


If you can get your hands on some regular ones, you can also make your own messages, slip them in, and make your partner blush.





Okay, it’s not something you would find in your Halloween bag, but it’s liquid adult candy and therefore close enough.


Fill an erotic piñata with mini bottles of alcohol and go to town!


If you or your friends aren’t into hard-hooch flavors, you can make your own infused concoctions by adding Skittles or sunburst chews to a bottle of vodka then filter the debris out. Fill your own little bottles and voila!





It’s not candy but definitely deserved a place in this article –erotic pasta. Cook up some trouser snakes or torso melons for your next dinner.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



If you’ve found some unique adult candy out there, share in the comments!