Megumi Igarashi’s Fight Against Japan For Her Vagina Art

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1. A penis is fantastic. It’s the best thing ever. Let’s make a festival around it.

2. Vaginas are horrible, obscene things you should never show to anyone unless he’s your husband taking your virginity or your doctor as you’re giving birth.

3. Oh, and child porn cartoons are totally okay.


This pretty much sums up the conflicting, irrational (and infuriating) mentality surrounding Megumi Igarashi’s 2015 legal and social battle between Japan…


… and her vulva.





Also going by Rokude Nashiko (which translates as “good-for-nothing kid” or “reprobate child”), Igarashi started as a manga artist who focused on molds of her vagina.


“Why did I start making this kind of art pieces? That was because I had not seen pussy of others and worried too much about mine. I did not know what a pussy should look like at the

20 Reasons There’s Pain During Sex For Men And Women

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Things sore in the southern regions? Is it hindering hanky-panky?


Get in line.


Pain during sex is, unfortunately, a common thing. However, like many health issues, we tend to only be familiar with the surface problems – things we have to deal with on a regular basis.


So, if things are tender, here is a list of possibilities that include both women AND men.





1. NOT ENOUGH LUBE – Vaginal dryness makes intercourse really unpleasant. Load up on the lube.


2. VAGINAL INFECTIONS – There are many, but yeast infections are one of the big ones. Brought on by an unbalance in the natural conditions of the body and the fungus Candida. The painful swelling and itching make sex unbearable. FYI – Men can get this too.


3. IRRITATIONS – Some soap products or douches etc. can cause irritation

7 Naughty Candy Ideas For Spicy Parties Or Erotic Gifts

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Want something for a special day (or a regular one) that says more than, “I bought this at the local gas station”?


If your partner is kinky, or at least has a sense of humor, go for some naughty candy! They are also great for bachelor/ette parties.


What’s out there?




Adult candy, candy nipple tassles on breasts

I found most of these were candy or gummy underwear and bras.


There WERE a few nipple tassels, which would be super fun for a burlesque-themed party.


However, I have one issue with the panties. Unless you have a very clean backside, no one’s gonna be eating the ones sitting in the ass crack.


I also spotted some yummy handcuffs, garter belts, and cock rings.




Candy heard that says I Like Ur Butt

Remember those Valentine’s Day heart candies with luvy-duvy phrases like “Be Mine” or “I Love You”?


Forget ‘em.


Besides, they

A Beginner’s Guide to BDSM

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Bondage, discipline, domination, submission, sadism and masochism combined into one abbreviation, are considered ambiguous sexual practices – not so much because of the reputation of cruel and dangerous hobbies, but because of ethical issues embedded in the very idea of ??domination and subordination. For our part, we believe in the idea of deliberate choice, especially when it comes to experiments with the sensitivity of the body, and not the psyche – all the more so that the main rules in BDSM are safety, rationality and voluntariness.

However, these rules do not guarantee security in bad or inexperienced hands. Do not try to repeat at home peeped in thematic porn or subtracted in public, full of inflamed fantasies of pain and trials that cause keen pleasure. Better use a practical guide to sexual activities that are perfectly safe for physical and psychological health, will not scare almost anyone and discover something

How to use Sex toys in Public

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In this article, we will explain how to choose the right sex toy for simultaneous use by a man and a woman. What to look for and what mistakes to avoid. Let’s compare the existing models and tell about their features. Let us justify why the intimate life between a man and a woman can be filled with a more vivid and colorful result, like the existing urethral sound promoted by movements all around the globe.

Today, one of the most popular customer requests is a sex toy that can be used in the process of mutual sex with a partner. In principle, any vibrator, butt plug or masturbator can be used together. But only some models allow simultaneously to stimulate male and female genitals. Such an impact allows you to enhance sensations during intercourse and complete it with enhanced orgasm. Based on these trends – manufacturers have developed