By Writer/Director Anna Kerrigan
(excerpt from “10 reasons to make a web series (instead of an indie feature)” – an article for indiewire) 

In the winter of 2014, during the polar vortex in NYC, I walked into a restaurant called Freeman’s on the Lower East Side. A friend of mine was late for lunch, and as I sat there waiting, I struck up a conversation with the very tall, friendly hostess who I swore I recognized from somewhere. It was Kati Rediger, a brilliant actress, whom I had almost cast as the lead in my play The Talls a few years earlier. I don’t believe in fate but…well, okay, maybe I do. That chance meeting set one of my favorite creative collaborations in motion.

Kati and her then fiancée, now husband, Ashley Springer, wanted to make a short film that showcased Ashley’s magic abilities. (Ashley has acted in a bunch of indies as an adult, but as a kid he was a straight-up magician prodigy.) They had a script for a five-minute short that centered on a magic trick in a bar, but weren’t sure how to go about making it. I told Kati that I had made a low-budget feature before and knew how to be scrappy if they ever wanted to pick my brain. The three of us started meeting every Wednesday to chat about the project. Eventually they asked me to direct it and I enthusiastically agreed.

But the more we talked, the more I realized that all of us were hungering for something meatier–me for a substantial opportunity to develop a story, and the two of them for roles they could sink their teeth into. I suggested we scrap the short and produce something bigger together: a web series.

For whatever reason, I never even considered making a feature.

We created a show called The Impossibilities, which follows the misadventures of a jaded children’s party magician and a daffy lesbian yogi. I wrote and directed while the three of us produced together. We worked with an incredible group of actors and crew over the course of a thirteen day shoot in New York last October, and split post-production between Los Angeles and Brooklyn. The process has been challenging and inspirational. We hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed putting it together!